Lazy Portmanteau #23

One who puts off running for president on the Green Party ticket = ProcrastiNader.

Lazy Portmanteau #22

The parking attendant with the best grades = valetdictorian

Lazy Portmanteau #21

If Sidney shot and it didn’t go in, maybe it hit the Crosbar.

Lazy Portmantwenty

Bands from the country next to Sweden not signed to a major label = Findie

Lazy Portmanteau #19

The favorite sport of the country that was once joined with the Czech Republic = Slovockey

Lazy Portmanteau #18

If everyone’s favorite American skier goes boom, is that a Lindsey Vonnomatopoeia?

Lazy Portmanteau #17

International sports competition soaked in brine = Olympickles

Lazy Portmanteau #16

Sinister but shapely = Eviluptuous

Not Really a Portmanteau, but Whatever

If today were Lacey of Cagney & Lacey, today would be ValenTyne Daly.

Lazy Portmanteau #15

BS that his pre-historic in nature = Cro-Magnonsense